May 31, 2012

Dream Downtown

I don't even know where to start. Our trip began with cancellation of the flight, which meant we also missed our connection flight. But I wouldn't be myself if I just gave up, took my suitcases and went home, only to come back the day after. I was persisting I have to be in NY by the end of the day, because of appointments on Wednesday (and of course I didn't lie, I never do by the way :)) and they arranged for us to change the airline company and we actually arrived to NY three hours before we were first supposed to. All good or even better at the end ;). When I came to the hotel I was overwhelmed, because it's soooooo beautiful and it wouldn't be possible without "you". You know who you are and thank you for that. I'll never forget it!! You are my guest whenever you come to Slovenia.
As you can probably notice in the picture, I am completely jet-lagged. And on my wrist you can see my first buy in NY, this neon bracelet for good luck.
I can't tell you why I'm actually here, because I'm a little superstitious :), but I'll let you know soon. xx

- Wildfox t-shirt
- Superfine jeans
- Sigerson Morrison sandals
- Monica Vinader bracelet
- Shash neon nugget bracelet

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