Jul 27, 2012

Maxi Shield

I just adore my new maxi shield from Natasa Persuh's spring/summer collection, and so does my son, cause he can hide under it :). It is my summer must have this year. I had really big problems with my skin some years ago, so I'm covering my face from the sun all the time and this shield is more than perfect for that. I'm still considering what to choose from Natasa's autumn/winter collection, she has some really incredible pieces. Till then enjoying my summer :)

- Dolce & Gabbana bikini
- Natasa Persuh maxi shield
- The Row sunglasses

Jul 20, 2012

Slovenian Designers

Nothing better then a night out with friends, we had a great time full of laughs yesterday. I decided to wear some pieces by Slovenian designers. In my eyes they are only getting better and better, not to mention Lara Bohinc who already made worldwide success years ago. Maybe also with the start of Fashion Week for these last two years it helped in that you can see Slovenian collections coming to light with more and more people on the streets wearing the pieces. I for one just couldn't resist some items from our own designers this season.

- La Perla body
- Ivan Rocco pants
- Jimmy Choo sandals
- Miu Miu pouch
- The Row sunglasses
- Lara Bohinc Eclipse belt
- Lara Bohinc Marina bracelet
- Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring
- Almaplena ring
- Mother of Pearl necklace

Jul 19, 2012

Forest Green

Do you remember my Summer Wishlist? I did something similar today. Well it's not really a wishlist more a selection of some pieces I like and wanna share with you. Last few weeks I have been looking at the new collections and it's all about forest green and burgundy red this fall. I have to tell you that in three weeks my choice would probably be completely different, and that is also the reason why I like to take my time with things I buy and sleep over it.
I love Schourouk jewelry, a brand I discovered just recently. And Victoria Beckham is only getting better and better. I think she has really proven herself in the fashion world. Not everybody had confidence in her, but she did and I respect all her will and courage. I also love to wear Alexander Wang and Rick Owens for everyday. I usually invest in basic pieces like T- shirts and leather jackets. Some years ago I wanted to only buy Lanvin all the time, but now I've grown out of it, though I still wouldn't mind this coat (it doesn't really show on the screen but it's in a deep green color). I just think the price is so exaggerated!
Enjoy! xx

Jul 15, 2012

Special Gift

We spent the weekend at our usual place. I took my new straw beach bag for a "test run". It's a piece really special to me because my husband brought it for me from his trip. I wished for it and the story behind his search is what makes it even more special. But let me keep this little secret to myself ;)

- Dyed Pretty T-shirt
- T by Alexander Wang cotton terry shorts
- Jimmy Choo rubber sandals
- Ray Ban sunnies
- rings from Soho NY
- Twenty Violets straw bag

Jul 13, 2012

Mum's Bday

It was an unforgetable afternoon yesterday. My mum had her 60th birthday, so of course we were celebrating :) It was an afternoon full of surprises and laughs. When you look at your life, the greatest happiness is family happiness. And that's what counts for me!

- T by Alexander Wang T-shirt
- La Perla skirt
- Jimmy Choo rubber flat sandals
- Yves Saint Laurent bag
- Ray Ban sunglasses
- Fendi bracelet
- Gold bracelet my mum bought me for my 18th Bday :)
- mix of bracelets from other posts

Isabela wearing:
- Chloe dress
- Galluci gladiator sandals
- Atsuyo et Akiko gold hair band

Aleksander wearing:
- Acne shirt
- Album di Famiglia shorts
- Pepe sandals

Jul 10, 2012

Jean shorts & T's

This type of outfit is a summer must for me. It doesn't look anything special, but I feel comfortable doing whatever I need to: run around with my kids, go for a cup of coffee or to the beach in 30 degree weather. I actually didn't want to post this outfit, but a lot of you liked my post on Facebook, so I thought I would share it here also. I think this quote by Karl Lagerfeld is appropriate: "Never use the word "cheap". Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans - it's up to you." I agree. Keep it simple! And it's all in the way you carry yourself! :) Lots of love! xx

- Burberry sunglasses
- engagement & wedding ring
- DIY Neon Pacifier bracelet

Jul 9, 2012

Please Be Patient

Dear readers, while I'm still enjoying my family time, I am also working on some technical issues with my blogpage, so I wanted to ask you for your patience, in the next 48 hours you may have some problems browsing my blog. But stay tuned, cause there's going to be a lot of hot summer stories for you :) xx

- By Malene Birger blouse
- Burberry sunglasses

Jul 8, 2012

The Place I Love

This weekend was just awesome, spending our time at my father in law's peaceful place. It's always great to be here, it reminds me of our wedding almost six years ago. The pictures above are made at the exact place where I walked down the aisle as a bride. My hubby is away so he is the only part missing this weekend. But I met with my best friend Mojca in Trieste; Spritz Aperol, girl talk and midnight shopping is always a good combination. There was a late night shopping event in the city center, sadly I forgot my wallet but maybe it's for the better ;)

- Dries Van Noten Cotton dress
- Jimmy Choo rubber flat sandals
 - Celine Phantom luggage bag
- Burberry sunglasses
- Monica Vinader Gold bracelet
- DIY Neon Pacifier bracelet
- engagement & wedding ring

Jul 6, 2012

Let It Rain...

It's so humid in Ljubljana these days. I've been back in the office for the last two days, it's quite slow, but always something to do. Yesterday I was completely drenched, especially my feet and my beautiful leather gladiators :( so today I decided to wear these plastic ballerinas and it can rain as much as it wants :) Have a beautiful day everyone! xx

- Chloe top
- Zara skinny jeans
- Kartell Ballerinas
- Victoria Beckham sunnies
- Vintage Flower ring from Vintage shop in Ibiza
- DIY Neon pacifier bracelet
- Custom made necklaces

Jul 2, 2012

Summer Delights

In the summer I usually try to take as much time as I can to enjoy with my kids. We are still counting down to our family vacation at the end of July, but for now my hubby is joining us at the seaside on weekends. This is the time dedicated just to us, so I can be seen with chipped nailpolish, jean shorts and different t-shirts, nothing special for the blog :)
We spent a great Sunday together and these photos were made just before sunset.

- Victoria Secret Bandeau bikini
- Prada Car sunglasses
- DIY Neon pacifier bracelet :)
- Custom made necklaces