Dec 21, 2012

Mura Fashion Show

photo by:
Do you remember my Margiela post?! I promised to show you what I chose to buy and I kept you waiting for way too long. I don't wanna repeat myself, but November was really a busy month. A couple of weeks ago my girls and boys were working for Mura fashion show in Ljubljana's Opera house and for that occasion I decided to wear this outfit. I hope you like it! :)

- Maison Martin Margiela for H&M jacket
- Maison Martin Margiela for H&M leggings
- Azzedine Alaia Suede boots
- Alexander McQueen Skull clutch

Dec 18, 2012

Mercedes-Benz & La Prairie

I was invited to a special event for Mercedes Benz and La Prairie today. When two of the best brands join forces, you can bet there's going to be something great in store for us. They invited us to Marcedes showroom for some champagne, where I got a chance to sit in a Mercedes oldtimer. I have to admit I'm not a big fan of cars, but this one was something really special. Then they drove us to Ljubljana Castle to a brand new restaurant, where they spoiled our taste buds. And in the end great gifts were waiting for us! Thank you Mercedes Benz & la Prairie for an amazing treat! xx

Dec 13, 2012

Santa's Wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner, so I wanted to share with you my unrealistic wishlist like I did last year :). I just love to do combinations in my head, sometimes that alone is enough for me, I don't need to buy it. I have been looking at this top for ages and maybe now that it's on sale is the time to buy it. I would like to have something in burgundy red this year, a pair of jeans would be perfect and I would match them with Margiela coat. This Miu Miu bag is also in the back of my mind for a long time now, maybe it will look familiar to you from my Rosiserli Wishlist post.  I wouldn't mind the Isabel Marant boots, though they are hard to find these days. A coctail ring is a must for me when I go out, at least for the last few years. This is my fashion and fashion is my passion. But what I really wish for my family and all of you my dear readers is to be healthy and to love each other. Love is all we need. And don't forget the most important thing. Love yourself first! Much love! xoxo

Dec 12, 2012

Isabel Marant Bayley Wedge Sneakers

Since a lot of you were asking me about my new Isabel Marant wedge sneakers on my instagram, facebook and e-mail, I decided to do this post for you. Bayle suede wedge sneakers keep getting sold out immediately after they come out. I couldn't decide which color to pick for the last couple of months and than all of a sudden all the colors were sold out. Now I know why, cause the most beautiful pair was waiting for me :) I have my models in Milan, Paris and New York and they couldn't find them anywhere. But just yesterday they got a lot of new pairs at LuisaViaRoma, you can't find the exact one like mine, but they have a lot of other different styles. I hope it helps! I bought myself a pair for Christmas. My Santa came early this year. :) Much Love! xx

Dec 9, 2012

Kenzo Event

photo by: Mare Vaupetic/

photo by: Mare Vaupetic/

Galerija Emporium invited me to their Kenzo event on Thursday. I wasn't such a big fan of Kenzo these past years, but this winter they put out a really perfect collection. I tried on a lot of their sweaters and I hope they'll wait for me till the sales start :) A french stylist from Kenzo was there and she chose these two outfits for me. What do you think of them?!

Nov 25, 2012

Sunday Sun :)

This weekend was awesome, although one important family member was missing :(. We met with my mum and went for a looong walk by the river Ljubljanica. Kids were running around and enjoying it big time, and here's what I was wearing on this beautiful Sunday:

- Vince cashmere sweater similar here
- Chanel Biker boots
- Lanvin beanie hat
- Lanvin scarf
- Burberry coat
- Cruciani bracelets (blue and neon) soon available in Ljubljana
- Gas Bijoux skull bracelet
- Celine New Audrey sunglasses
- Different bracelets from Greece

Nov 24, 2012

Saturday Sun & Green Necklace

This week was so crazy. I'm moving the agency to a beautiful new location and I am so thankful for having the husband and sister like I have. My sister is helping me with all the interior planning and furniture, and starting with the new year I'll already be in my new place. Yeeey, so excited!
My kids and I spent a sunny Saturday in Ljubljana after a long time. We went to feed the ducks by the river and were just enjoying our moments together.
I decided to wear this new necklace, that I first noticed on Mira Duma. I was google-ing a lot to find it, but it was well worth it ;). I just love this piece. What about you :)?!

- T by Alexander Wang sweater similar here
- Givenchy Leather leggings
- Stella McCartney coat
- Isabel Marant Boston snake-effect sneakers
- Balenciaga Papier bag available here or here
- Diana Broussard Nathan necklace
- Celine New Audrey sunglasses

Isabela wearing:

Aleksander wearing:
- Album di Famiglia coat
- Andrea Moltenpare shoes

Nov 15, 2012

Maison Martin Margiela and H&M

Today was the Margiela day :). Since Slovenija is so small we don't even have private exclusive sales one day before as they do in other countries, so the only thing I could do is run there in the morning as fast as I could. After I dropped my kids off at the kindergarden, my friend picked me up and we headed to H&M. There was quite a lot of people there, which I didn't even expect. I already had in my mind what I wanted to buy, but when I tried everything on, it just wasn't my cup of tea. In the end I bought totally different pieces, than I first wanted to, but I'm a satisfied costumer now. Do you wanna see what's inside?! Stay tuned! :) x

- T by Alexander Wang sweater similar here
- Chanel Biker boots
- Balenciaga Papier bag available here or here
- Stella McCartney coat
- Yves Saint Laurent Leopard print scarf similar here

Nov 8, 2012

Imperial Cruise & Katakolon

photo by: Tomaz Pevec

We spent our first day of Imperial Cruise at Katakolon Grecce. We went to see Olympia, where the first ancient olimpic games were held. We had a great time, kids were running all over the place, boys were taking pictures ;) and me and my friend Metka had a great girl talk. Right, Metka?! ;)

- Dyed Pretty T-Shirt
- Rick Owens leather jacket
- Isabel Marant Boston snake-effect sneakers
- Balenciaga Papier bag available here or here
- Celine New Audrey sunglasses

Aleksander wearing:
- Album di Famiglia cardigan

Nov 5, 2012

Imperial Cruise & Athens

Athens is one of the cities I always wanted to see, also because of its rich history. I would love to spend more time there, but cruises are great, cause you get to visit a lot of places but for just a couple of hours, so it's like a short preview and you get to decide if you wanna come back to see more. Beeing at the Acropolis I could feel it is a place filled with great energy. It was quite a hot but windy day and this is what I chose to wear:

- The Hip Tee T-shirt
- Isabel Marant Boston snake-effect sneakers
- Balenciaga Papier bag available here or here
- Celine New Audrey sunglasses
- Philippe Audibert bracelets

Isabela wearing:
- Ralph Lauren jeans

Nov 4, 2012

Imperial Cruise & Santorini

You haven't heard from me for a while, huh? ;) Remember my post about Imperial cruise from some months ago? That's where I was this past week. I think it's the first time I haven't post anything for a whole two weeks since I started blogging. Partly I was kind of forced to, cause at first we didn't have internet but then later on I actually decided I wanna take time off from everything. Our trip started off far from "perfect". And it didn't even stop when we embarked the boat. But since I'm a really positive person and always try to find something good in everything, I already forgot it.
We really started to enjoy ourselves on the second day when we visited Santorini. Beautiful cute little place. We took a donkey ride to the top. I know that maybe some of you are against it, but what can I do, the kids really wanted to :) My Zara sweater kind of fit in with the location, don't you think so? ;)

- Zara sweather
- Isabel Marant Boston snake-effect suede sneakers
- Balenciaga Papier bag available here or here
- Celine New Audrey sunglasses
- Philippe Audibert bracelets 

Oct 21, 2012

Rosiserli Wishlist

I went to Trieste during last week and visited one of my favorite shops there. You can always find something for yourself in Rosiserli. I picked out my top 5 wishlist. Balenciaga suede dress in navy color is something I would pair with Miu Miu sneakers for everyday look, or you can just pop on some heels and wear it for evening. This Miu Miu bag is one of my favorites for this season, and I'm going to write a letter to Santa for this beautiful Rick Owens jacket. :) Martina also showed me these gorgeous earrings from MSGM that you can wear for the day or the evening and they are so beautifully made. And that's it, till the next time :)

Oct 19, 2012

Armani Collezioni

Anamaria (in front) and Sara

Yesterday my girls and two of the boys were working for Armani Collezioni presentation in Galerija Emporium. Anamaria and Sara are fresh faces, especially Anamaria, so it's great to see them develop from day to day and improve on their catwalk. They make me proud every time. Galerija Emporium always takes care of us with great goodie bags, in yesterday's we got a simple, clean but beautiful bangle bracelet, you'll see me wearing in some future post. I wish you all a nice weekend!

Oct 11, 2012

Fashion Week Day Three

Ines in m*faganel

Sara in m*faganel

The Skirt by Ivan Rocco
The last day was great. I was enjoying every minute of the shows. I would love to wear some of m*faganel pieces and I could loose sleep over Ivan Rocco skirt and Zoran Garevski leather top. They were an absolut fashion treat. But I can still say that for me this season's surprise was Dajana Ljubicic, because I really loved every single piece in her collection. And now?! Time to get some real good sleep. :) Love, xx

Fashion Week Outfit Day 3

And here is what I chose to wear for the last day of fashion week:

- Givenchy dress
- Ann Demeulemeester shoes
- Alexander McQueen Skull clutch
- Anna dello Russo for H&M bracelets
- Muva FW ring
- Gas Bijoux Skull bracelet
- Cartier Pacha watch

Oct 10, 2012

Fashion Week Outfit Day 2

with Lorella Flego
I have to dissapoint you regarding my pics from yesterday. You can't really see everything properly, my phone run out of battery as I was twitting so much, so everything went wrong in a way ;) I also have to tell you that I'm not so happy with what I chose to wear yesterday. I had a long lunch meeting with a very important person (and I'm sure I can tell you soon what that was all about), so I was in a big hurry and didn't have time to change, cause the first part started at 6pm already. But it's another day today and I won't dissapoint you, I promise :)

- Givenchy leggings
- Givenchy jacket
- By Malene Birger clutch
- Ann Demeulemeester shoes
- Ti Sento Milano bracelets
- Custem made necklaces
- Hermes watch

Fashion Week Day Two

Collection by Dajana Ljubicic is what I was waiting for the last 2 days. Most of the collection is done with python prints, not the cheap ones, but the kind I would gladly wear. There are also some simple pieces but made extaordinarly. I would wear anything from her collection, I can say it was the best I've seen so far. But we still have one more day left and let's see what some of my fave slovenian designers prepared for us.