Oct 10, 2012

Fashion Week Outfit Day 2

with Lorella Flego
I have to dissapoint you regarding my pics from yesterday. You can't really see everything properly, my phone run out of battery as I was twitting so much, so everything went wrong in a way ;) I also have to tell you that I'm not so happy with what I chose to wear yesterday. I had a long lunch meeting with a very important person (and I'm sure I can tell you soon what that was all about), so I was in a big hurry and didn't have time to change, cause the first part started at 6pm already. But it's another day today and I won't dissapoint you, I promise :)

- Givenchy leggings
- Givenchy jacket
- By Malene Birger clutch
- Ann Demeulemeester shoes
- Ti Sento Milano bracelets
- Custem made necklaces
- Hermes watch

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