Apr 30, 2012

Karl's Day

There is no transition from one season to another anymore. Last week it was 15 degrees and it's 25 already! It's just me in the office for next couple of weeks and my hubby also has a lot of work, so we had to stay near Ljubljana. Kras (Karst), where my father in law has a residence, is always a perfect getaway. I always recharge myself with energy, and children are in nature, which i love in this tehnology era. I chose a casual outfit, jeans and a t-shirt for a warm day like yesterday. What Aleksander wore I'll show you on tomorrow's post.

- Sauce Karl tee
- Current Elliot boyfriend jeans
- Malene Birger belt
- Sigerson Morrison gladiators
- Celine Phantom luggage bag
- Victoria Beckham sunglasses
- Maison Martin Margiela silver ring
- Noir jewelry ring
- White cotton bracelet made by Aleksander ;)

Apr 27, 2012

Mix Match

It is a national holiday in Slovenia today. Summer really hit the city, it was a super hot Friday. I spent the day with my family. My outfit was casual, fitting for the place we were visiting. Jeans, t-shirt and ballerina flats were the right choice for a day like today. I mixed two pattern prints together, leopard & stars. I thought it wouldn't go through, but when I had the outfit on and checked it in the mirror, I was satisfied ;)

- Superfine T-shirt
- Current Elliot leopard jeans
- Marni ballerinas
- Celine Phantom luggage bag
- Victoria Beckham sunnies
- Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring
- Fendi bracelet
- Cartier Pacha watch

Apr 26, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming, oh yeah ;) Here is my semi-unrealistic wishlist, or how can I say... things I can't buy, but it's good to dream right? What would we do if we didn't have dreams ;) T-shirts are a must every season for me, I like to wear the ones with prints, accompanied with jean shorts, so I can run after my kids and play with them on the beach. This Marcus Lupfer would be just perfect. The Row sunglasses are totally sold out, but I can't get them out of my head. When I saw them on the internet, I said to myself I'll wait it out and think it over and than it was too late. I always need time to sleep on it with things I wanna buy. I'm not an impulse buyer, who has stuff in their closet and doesn't even wear it once. It doesn't happen to me. I have to think if I have something to match at home, or I need the whole new outfit if I buy a new piece. Another great thing is they sell Hermes watches in Slovenia now. And what do you think about Enza Costa pleated skirt? I own a black similar one from another designer and wear it a lot. Just love the fluttering feeling around my body. Red is usually not my colour, but I wouldn't mind this piece ;)

Apr 24, 2012

Statement Jewelry

Lanvin for H&M necklace
Rings from Soho NY & Chanel June nail polish
Some pieces of my jewelry box
Monica Vinader bracelet

A lot of you are asking me where I find my jewelry. For me the key to every perfect outfit is jewelry. I am a fan of small jewelry for everyday, usually I am wearing my engagement and wedding ring, but for events I like to experiment with big bold pieces. Big rings, big cuffs, big necklaces. I adore Mawi, Tom Binns, Erickson Beamon... I'm usually waiting for discount sales (the final ones :)) at the end of the season, when I can get great jewelry at reasonable prices. And also when travelling I always invest in a great piece or two. Usually I find them in vintage shops, last year I found a great place in Ibiza, Soho in NY is a place where you can always find something special. That is where I found my last two rings and paid just 40$ for both of them. If I had money to spend, here are 3 pieces on my wishlist at the moment. Atelier VJ ring is simple and clean but still special, Monika Vinader Fiji bracelet would go perfectly with my Fendi bracelet and a watch, Tom Binns Splash Out necklace has all the colours of the season and would be a perfect match with my orange lipstick and MSGM neon pants I wore for the first day of Fashion week. Who knows maybe they will wait for me ;)

Apr 22, 2012


Mum & Dad by Isabela

Isabela with purse.. apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;)


Is there anything left to say?! It was a week just for family, but can't wait to be in the office tomorrow. I adore my job! Model Group is waiting for me!

Apr 20, 2012

Loving Dries Van Noten

Remember the post from last Tuesday? I was telling you about a beautiful piece I got at Rosiserli shop in Trieste and I didn't want to reveal it yet. This is it! Dries van Noten white cotton dress. I love the loose fit. I can't stand tight clothes on my body when it's too hot. It's also very practic, because it's made out of cotton and you can just throw it in the washing machine. It was more than perfect for a day like today!

- Jimmy Choo sandals
- Borsalino hat
- The Row sunglasses
- Cartier Pacha watch
- La Perla swimsuit

Apr 19, 2012


After many beautiful days we woke up to a sandstorm day. Something you don't wish to see when on holidays. It looked really bad in the morning, worse than it actually was. But nevertheless they advised us not to go anywhere and just stay in the hotel. We roamed around the hotel complex and these photos were made. Thank God for lego's :). Now the wind is decreasing and the sun is coming up! Yeey, I have to go! ;)

Isabela wearing:
- Etoile Isabel Marant dress
- Galucci gladiator sandals
- Muchacha elastic hair band

Aleksander wearing:
- Album di famiglia pants
- Album di famiglia cardigan
- Tuss t shirt
- Birkenstock sandals

Apr 17, 2012

Hat in action ;)

Dear all, as I already said, previous week was really exhausting and we urgently needed some time off. A friend of mine told me to contact Maja from Mokai travel agency and I promise you if you are travelling anywhere, give her a call, she really knows what she's doing. Maja, thank you again!
And here is my hat in motion. It is a must here, cause the sun is so strong. And the kids want it all the time, it doesn't matter if they have one of their own, mama's is best! So it was worth it ;)

- L'Agence top
- J Brand jeans shorts
- La Perla swimming suit
- Borsalino hat
- Ray Ban sunnies
- Hawaianas flip flops

Apr 13, 2012

Little Delights

You haven't heard from me for a while, right?! I had a tough week at work and I'm totally exhausted.
So I went and afforded myself two little delights. One thing I really need for next week and the other I could miss, but you know... us girls ;)  Good thing you can indulge yourself without spending a fortune.
I found these earings Marni for H&M in a 2nd hand store. When I put them on, it was love at first sight ;) and I couldn't leave the store without them. I like all H&M collaborations, but I just can't stand in the crowd, the only time I did was for Lanvin. Sadly, there is no preview event for press and fashion industry insiders in Slovenia like it is in other countries. The second thing I bought was a white Borsalino hat. Do you wanna know why I need it? Follow to see it in action next week! ;)

xx, M.

Apr 10, 2012


Always trendy Martina

gorgeous pieces Alien necklaces made of the vintage gems

Stella, Givenchy, Lanvin

I was in Trieste today and I visited one my favorite shops there Rosiserli in Corso Italia. I met Martina who runs the shop together with her mum. She is always smiling and looking trendy. You can also find them on the internet by the name firebrands.it. I love this shop, they always order pieces from the collections I like, so it's never hard finding something for myself. And you can always find some special pieces, like for example Alien necklaces. They are very kind, always helpful with everything and they don't look annoyed if you don't buy anything at the end ;). If you are planning shopping for this season I chose 4 must haves. Stella McCartney mustard blazer and hawaian T-shirt, Givenchy orange/red bag and Lanvin necklace, all in bright colours like this season's trend. What I picked for myself today I'll tell you in another post sometime next week ;)

- Jonathan Saunders long dress
- Rick Owens coat
- Lanvin hi top sneakers
- The Row sunglasses
- Celine phantom luggage bag 
- Destin cashmere scarf
- Mawi ring
- Tiffany & Co. necklace