Apr 7, 2012

Bunker Saturday

After we woke up this morning we were painting eggs with kids. We had a great time, until paint started falling on the floor ; ). We decided to go to Italy for lunch with our friends. Birreria (Beer place) is not a place we would usually go to, but this place Bunker is something quite different. Food & beer is amazing there.
I have to tell you I was really happy I could dress up a little bit this week for FW. When I'm with kids and through the week I'm usually in flat shoes. I have never understood mums runing after their kids in high heels. Let me clarify I own a lot of pairs of really high heels, you won't find something in between in my closet, but just not for the sandbox ; ) I have to feel comfortable. And this is how I felt today! Nice & comfy! I wish you all Happy Easter and thanx for reading, u guys rock!

- Vince pulover
- J Brand jeans
- Miu Miu bag
- Chanel biker boots
- Rick Owens coat
- Yves Saint Laurent scarf
- Ray Ban sunglasses
- rings from Soho NY
- Fendi bracelet
- Cartier Pacha watch

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