Apr 9, 2012


We spent Sunday at my mum's place. We had a great time, like always. My sister was there with her boyfriend, all my family and my mum. We are not religious, but we celebrate these holidays to be together. That's what's most important, don't you think so? And it is a good excuse for a great feast also ;)
I needed yoga so badly this morning, so that's how I started my day. More about my yoga in another post, but I'm telling you, I'm addicted. I just have to do it all the time.
Then we headed to seaside and spent another great day. I now have enough energy for the week, and Monday is already over, jupiii! I will need it, it's an important day tomorrow. Wanna know why?! More tomorrow! ;) xx

Isabela wearing:
- Anne Valerie Hash jacket
- Ralph Lauren jeans
- Little Remix scarf

Aleksander wearing:
- Album di Famiglia coat
- Album di Famiglia scarf
- H&M jeans


Anonymous said...

Kje je to otroško igrišče? Zgleda luštno.

Maja Bulc Raspopovic said...

To je igrisce v Kopru, ob plazi ;)