Jun 29, 2012

Yoga For Children

photo by: Mateja Jordovič Potočnik

As you know I'm a big fan of yoga, so I wanted my kids to try it out also. We went the first time just to see if they would like it and they wanted to go again, and then Isabela ended up going to classes for 2 years.
Teacher Urska is going to publish her book in September called Fairytale Yoga (Pravljična Joga) and me and my kids were a part of it. I was a stylist with Little Elephant clothing and they were doing different asanas ;) Book is dedicated to all the parents who wanna try yoga with their chlidren at home.
I can share some of my personal pics but I can't wait for the real ones when the book will be published.

Jun 27, 2012

Vintage Finds

my new gold sequin dress

As I already told you I was at Nostalgic Saturday event with Little Elephant. There weren't that many people there as expected, because Monday was a national holiday in Slovenia so most of them left the city for a long weekend. But we had fun anyway. The most exiting news is that I found this gold vintage dress and I paid 20€ for it. Yes, that's right, exactly 20€. I would match the dress with these thongs.
You won't see me at Nostalgic Saturday in July as I'm going to be on holidays with my family, but see you at the end of August when you can already shop for autumn and winter cardigans and jackets. Enjoy your summer! xx

- By Malene Birger dress
- Olivia Morris Gold flats
- Prada Bag
- Prada Car sunglasses
- Necklace from Soho NY 
- Mix of bracelets from previous posts

Jun 26, 2012

7th Anniversary

I took some days off and we went to the seaside. Hubby went back to work and we are still here enjoying our time with my family. Sea, sun, sand this is exactly what I need to refill my batteries.
Me and my hubby had our 7th anniversary yesterday. 7th?! OMG time flies like crazy. It has been 7 years since we held hands for the first time. We went through many ups and downs together but that made us stronger and stronger. He is the one giving me best advice also regarding my blog and is my photographer a lot of times too ;).  We went for a long delicious dinner and because Fendi Baguette bag had its 15 year anniversary, I remembered to wear mine that I almost forgot I had.

- Emilio Pucci dress
- Sergio Rossi sandals
- Fendi Baguette bag
- Shashi Neon bracelet
- Monica Vinader Gold bracelet
- Mawi bracelet
- engagement & wedding ring

Jun 22, 2012

Red Summer Jeans

I don't know what happened to me, but in the last months I started to wear color again ;) Probably all those neon color trend this year encouraged me to do so. I had my yoga class in the morning and the rest of the day I was preparing for tomorrow's vintage weekend event, where I'm going to be with Little Elephant. A lot of my friends are going to stop by so it's gonna be fun. After that, me & my hubby are joining our kids and my family at the seaside. Yeeeey, 10 days off to refill my batteries!

- Helmut Lang T-shirt
- J Brand Red jeans
- Barbara Bui gladiators
- Prada Car sunglasses
- Custom made children's names necklaces

Jun 21, 2012

Neon Pleated Skirt

It's hot in the city, finally! I started my day with yoga class, as I do twice a week. It's time just for myself, and after years I realized that's exactly what I need. No preasure for going somewhere just to work out. No, this is the exercise I love and need! You can see how your body develops and gets more flexible and how you are capable of achieving more and more with time. This is what I love about yoga.
Yesterday I chose to wear this gorgeous bright neon skirt, because I felt so energetic. It was a great day! What also cheered me up was Fensišmensi blog mentioning my blog in her post. Thank you, Ana! Appreciated!

- T by Alexander Wang T-shirt
- Enza Costa Neon Pleated Skirt
- Olivia Morris Gold flats 
- Ray Ban Wayfarer sunnies
- engagement & wedding ring
- Shashi Neon bracelet
- Monica Vinader Gold bracelet

Jun 20, 2012

Jagermeister party

photo from: govori.se

Many of you where asking me about the bag that I wore for the Jagermeister party. Actually I don't have my personal photos of that event, so that is why I wanted to skip this post. Sorry about that!
It was a great night! I went for dinner with my husband and than headed to the party with designer Nina Susnjara, who I haven't seen for a while and I missed her a lot. We don't see eachother much, but when we do it's intense :).

- T by Alexander Wang T-shirt
- Diane Von Furstenberg jacket
- Lara Bohinc bag

Jun 19, 2012

Nostalgic Saturday

This Saturday we are going to join in on an event called Nostalgic Saturday (Nostalgična Sobota) in Park Tabor. It is a market fair with second hand and vintage clothing, organized within events happening in the park throughout the summer. I was at the previos fair a month ago as a visitor and it was great. People were stopping me and asking if I have a stand too, so I decided to join this time. What is Little Elephant? The Little Elephant online children's resale shop grew out of my own experience as a fashion enthusiast and mother of two. I had to agree with my friends when they all say there are very few shops in Slovenia where you can buy top fashion children's clothing, but also at a reasonable price. As a result I launched Little Elephant where you can find gently used clothing, shoes and accessories for girls and boys at deep discounts from retail. Top fashion children's clothing brands like Tuss, Lili & The Funky Boys, Album di Famiglia, Victoria Christmas, Juicy Couture, Bellerose, Anne Valerie Hash, Burberry, D&G Junior and others.
Here are some pics from our event back in September last year which was held in Hotel Allegro Garni in Ljubljana. Come over this Saturday it's gonna be fun!

photos by: Mimi Antolovic

Jun 18, 2012

Isabela & Playground

You haven't heard from me here for a while now, right?! Did you miss me? ;) Just kiddin'. We went to the seaside with my family for a couple of days. I really love OUR weekends and spending quality time together, and so do our kids. It's time devoted just to them and there's also a little bit left for the two of us, after they fall asleep :). But you know me, fashion style is also a big part of my life, so I wanted to share what I chose for Isabela to wear on Saturday:

- Etoile Isabel Marant T-shirt
- Rose Debois Paris skirt
- Little Marc Jacobs flip-flops

Jun 15, 2012

Missoni Havaianas

Summertime is coming and let me tell you, flip flops are my "partner in crime" through the whole summer. I actually live in them. But not just any flip flops, particular ones - Havaianas. My kids also wear them all the time. I discovered them around 10 years ago and from that time on I'm not buying any others for going to the beach, I love them. I've actually been buying the same type all this time, black or white ones with Brazilian flag, cause I can match them with any outfit. But I think this Missoni ones are gonna end up on my feet eventually ;)

Jun 13, 2012

Resort 2013 Collections

Balenciaga shoes <3

BCBG dress <3

BCBG dress <3

Celine <3 whole outfit

Givenchy <3 pants

Phillip Lim <3 pants & sweater

The Row
Resort 2013 shows are going on at the moment. A cruise collection or resort collection, sometimes also referred to as holiday or travel collection is an inter-season or pre-season line of ready-to-wear clothing produced by a fashion house or brand in addition to the regular twice-yearly seasonal collections at the fashion shows in New York, London, Paris and Milan.
Here are some of my favorite looks. Or actually separate pieces. I would mix them up in my own style, though some of the pieces are real standouts, but some are just simple, which is yummy for everyday fashion for me ;)

photos from: Vogue.com

Jun 12, 2012

Bionda Castana Clutch

The other day I was at the the hairdressers flipping through magazines and I saw this look. I really adore it, it's so me. My eyes were drawn to this beautiful Bionda Castana big clutch in this brown/mustard color. I've heard about the brand before but I didn't know much about it. Despite its Italian name - meaning Blonde Brunette, Bionda Castana is created by London girls Jennifer Portman and Natalia Barbieri, but it is handcrafted in a family-owned factory in Italy. Established in 2007, the label is known for its unapologetically glamorous yet wearable designs. Feminine shapes with harder detailing - from studs and zips to buckles - are its signature aesthetic, and epitomise the Bionda Castana customer. "We're not the kind of designers who feel we have to explain our collections in order for them to sell," Jennifer and Natalia said. " I totally agree with them, the pieces speak for themselves and especially this clutch, which is for me a MUST for the upcoming autumn.

Jun 10, 2012

Sea Air

Although yesterday was raining we went to the seaside and stayed over at our friend's house, where we spend a lot of our weekends in the summer. It's always fun there. We went for a long walk by the seashore. It's really important for me to relax on the weekends and to recharge energy for a busy week coming up. It's the breath of sea air that fills me up, so I'm ready for crazy Monday :)
This is what I wore for a casual, easy day like today's Sunday:

- T by Alexander Wang T-shirt
- J Brand Star jeans shorts
- Havaianas black flip-flops
- Prada Car sunglasses
- Monica Vinader Gold bracelet
- Shashi Neon bracelet
- Gas Bijoux Skull bracelet

Jun 9, 2012

D Day

in the lobby of Dream Downtown hotel

On this grey, rainy day I have one more look from NYC to show you. Barbara signed the contract that day, so it was one marvelous, great day to remember. After signing the contract we headed to Disney store on Times Square to buy gifts for my kids and we took those photos like all the tourists in NYC do :)

- MSGM Neon pants
- T by Alexander Wang T-shirt
- Sigerson Morrison gladiators
- Schumacher silk jacket
- Celine Phantom luggage bag
- Necklace from Soho

Jun 8, 2012

Prada Car

We went to an opening of a new shop yesterday with my hubby and Isabela. It became really warm these last days, so I decided to put black aside and introduce some lighter shades. As you probably realized I wear black a lot of the time. I don't need to wear color, cause my life is so colorful and full of adventures ;). But yesterday I decided to wear white and neon shades. And it was the time to wear my new Prada Cars sunglasses. Oh, finding them was a mission in NYC. They are really hard to get and I bought the last pair from the store. Actually my wish was to have the pink/red ones with black lenses, but Prada didn't even put them in production, they were made just for the fashion show. So this is what I decided to wear:

- Nina Susnjara Silk T-shirt
- Oktober cotton & jersey trench
- Current/Elliott Boyfriend jeans
- Necklace from Soho
- Sigerson Morrison gladiators
- Prada Car Sunglasses