Jun 3, 2012

Barbara rocks

I wanted to take a photo of Mary-Kate Olsen, but I didn't quite make it ;)

I saw this sign on the way back to the airport and I loved it, I think it sums it up

Now I can finally tell you exactly why I was travelling to NYC, I didn't want to jinx it before. Several agencies were interested in representing our model Barbara. And I'm more than happy to announce we signed her with one of the top agencies in New York. Yeeeeeaaaah! We were so happy, we were yelling and jumping like little kids. Omg, how I'm always excited for my girls and boys. Their success - my success :)
Yesterday we went to her first casting, and it was for The Row. It is one of my favorite brands, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were there too. They came out and me and Barbara were like OMG! You could totally see it on our faces we were starstruck compared to other models, who were all calm and composed. It was our very first casting and Barbara is not used to things like that happening on a daily basis, nor am I actually.
Now Barbara I wanna wish you all the best and I know it's your time. Break a leg! Much love. xx


Anonymous said...

Odlicen blog! Vsak "post" je kvaliteten in zelo zanimiv. Fenomenalne kombinacije! Bravo!
Lp Maja iz Luxembourga

Maja Bulc Raspopovic said...

Maja, najlepsa hvala za lepe in pozitivne besede in me veseli, da vam je blog vsec! Lp