Jun 12, 2012

Bionda Castana Clutch

The other day I was at the the hairdressers flipping through magazines and I saw this look. I really adore it, it's so me. My eyes were drawn to this beautiful Bionda Castana big clutch in this brown/mustard color. I've heard about the brand before but I didn't know much about it. Despite its Italian name - meaning Blonde Brunette, Bionda Castana is created by London girls Jennifer Portman and Natalia Barbieri, but it is handcrafted in a family-owned factory in Italy. Established in 2007, the label is known for its unapologetically glamorous yet wearable designs. Feminine shapes with harder detailing - from studs and zips to buckles - are its signature aesthetic, and epitomise the Bionda Castana customer. "We're not the kind of designers who feel we have to explain our collections in order for them to sell," Jennifer and Natalia said. " I totally agree with them, the pieces speak for themselves and especially this clutch, which is for me a MUST for the upcoming autumn.


Anonymous said...

Did I already mention that we have the same taste ? :) perfect choise, beautiful colors, original design..
Thumbs up !!

Maja Bulc Raspopovic said...

Great to hear that :). No problem about the name ;)