May 31, 2012

Dream Downtown

I don't even know where to start. Our trip began with cancellation of the flight, which meant we also missed our connection flight. But I wouldn't be myself if I just gave up, took my suitcases and went home, only to come back the day after. I was persisting I have to be in NY by the end of the day, because of appointments on Wednesday (and of course I didn't lie, I never do by the way :)) and they arranged for us to change the airline company and we actually arrived to NY three hours before we were first supposed to. All good or even better at the end ;). When I came to the hotel I was overwhelmed, because it's soooooo beautiful and it wouldn't be possible without "you". You know who you are and thank you for that. I'll never forget it!! You are my guest whenever you come to Slovenia.
As you can probably notice in the picture, I am completely jet-lagged. And on my wrist you can see my first buy in NY, this neon bracelet for good luck.
I can't tell you why I'm actually here, because I'm a little superstitious :), but I'll let you know soon. xx

- Wildfox t-shirt
- Superfine jeans
- Sigerson Morrison sandals
- Monica Vinader bracelet
- Shash neon nugget bracelet

May 28, 2012

Fashionable Ljubinka

My friend Ljubinka came over by the office today for a quick coffee. She's young, beautiful, a mom of two adorable kids, make-up artist and also a model at our agency. And to top it off, she is always fashionable, which is the reason why I wanted to feature her on my blog today :)

Ljubinka wearing:
- H&M bra
- Zara T-shirt
- Zara jeans
- Zara belt
- Zara jacket
- Zara biker boots
- Tom Ford sunnies
- Top Shop ring
- Hermes Birkin bag
- Hermes scarf

May 27, 2012

Saturday in Italy

We went to Italy yesterday. My husband had to pick up something in a store there, and in the meantime my daughter was the best photographer ;). This is the same place where the picture from the first beginning post was made. We spend a great time in the playground.

- By Malene Birger top
- Zara jeans
- Robert Clergerie sandals
- Sonia Rykiel jacket
- Ray Ban sunnies
- Keneth Jay Lane green stone ring
- H&M plastic flower ring
- House of Harlow 1960 bracelet
- Alexis Bittar bracelet

Isabela wearing:
- Ketiketa dress
- Anne Valerie Hash jacket
- Galucci gladiators
- Atsuto et Akiko head band

Aleksander wearing:
- Hartford T-shirt
- Album di Famiglia pants
- All Star sneakers

May 25, 2012

Friday Look

It is still buzzy in the office with organizing our trip in the meantime. We also had a few customers stop by for Little Elephant clothes this morning. I love this little designer clothing, mums are asking me all the time where I find these fashionable pieces. My little ones slept at my mum's place yesterday, so this morning I had extra time to really think what I am going to wear and this is what I picked for a gorgeous sunny day like today:

- Dyed Pretty T-shirt
- Current/Elliot Leopard jeans
- Belle by Sigerson Morrison gladiators
- Celine Phantom luggage bag
- Nina Susnjara coat
- Victoria Beckham sunglasses
- Monica Vinader bracelet
- Isabel Marant bracelet
- Yves Saint Laurent Arty ring

May 24, 2012


Yellow, yellow...:)
Yes, I eat :)

Model from London wearing the perfect tote :)

Toy Story's Cowboy Woody for Aleksander

Disney Store for Isabela
Vintage shopping in Soho

my first little turquoise box ;)

Always my favorite

Anela & me @ Cipriani

It's been hectic these days, as I am preparing to leave for NYC on Tuesday. Organizing all appointments, hotels & esta can be a pain sometimes. I already know I'm gonna miss my family a lot, but it has to be done :). It won't be too hard, with NYC beeing one of my favorite places in the world. Here are some pics from my last trip in February, when I went there to meet with all the major modeling agencies, to start working with them and to visit one of our models Anela. We really had a blast and I met so many great people, who helped me with my stay this time around, but about that some other time ;)

May 23, 2012

Agent Provocateur

Fashionable Aska & her beautiful Gral

Finally I met with my friend Aska. We went for lunch today at Sushimama and I met her Gral for the first time, as he was born just short of a month and a half ago. What a cuttie pie :). We planed to meet for ages now, all together with our kids, but first mine were sick and then hers and so on. That is why I received two presents today, one for Christmas and one for my birthday! Yaay, one is Agent Provocateur panties, which of course you won't be seeing me wearing on the blog ;), but they are bright yellow, a great color for a summer's day, and the other a book Bringing home the Birkin, that is going to be "my companion" on the plane next week. More about that in a future post. xx

May 22, 2012

Metropol Fashion Show

Monika photographed by Milos Krajnc

Nadja photographed by Milos Krajnc

Nika K. photographed by Crt Butul

Monika photographed by Crt Butul

Nika M. photographed by Crt Butul

On Thursday last week I felt a little sick, so I couldn't go see our girls at Metropol working for a young designer Janja Videc. Clients called me the next day and they really praised all the girls who were part of the project. We have so many great young girls at the moment, easygoing and down to earth, and I am so proud of them. I know I've been saying this a lot, but that's just how it is ;)

May 21, 2012

Windy Sunday

We went to the seaside yesterday. Sadly it was so much colder than in Ljubljana. Wind was blowing and I was lucky I brought some extra cardigans and stockings for my angels. But they actually really enjoyed it nevertheless. What's most important to them is going to the playground and we spend a couple of hours on two different ones. In between mum & dad had time for iced coffee and spritz aperol, so everybody was happy at the end ;)

- Superfine jeans
- Belle by Sigerson Morrison gladiators
- Sonia Rykiel jacket
- Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses
- Isabel Marant Pop bracelet
- Monica Vinader bracelet
- Gas Bijoux Skull bracelet
- bracelet with initials bought in Miami
- engagement & wedding ring

Isabela wearing:
- Kid by Phillip Lim cardigan
- Bobo Choses skirt
- Zara leggings
- Gallucci gladiator sandals
- Muchacha hair band

SŠOF Fashion Show

Monika for Sasa Hasic

Katarina for Sasa Hasic


The SŠOF show I saw on Wednesday really surprised me in many ways. You have to know this are not even students, but high "schoolers". All our girls were fabulous as always, but I have to highlight a designer I would wear anytime, Sasa Hasic. Her two creations were worn by Katarina and our new fresh face, 16 year old Monika, who I really believe in. She is one of those girls you don't need to teach anything. She steps in front of the camera or on a stage and she is another person. Some girls are really natural born stars! :)

May 19, 2012

Monica Vinader Bracelet

My best friend and I haven't seen each other for past two weeks, so we made plans to meet yesterday and also celebrate my birthday, cause we hadn't had a chance before. I didn't have a nanny, so she came to my place and we opened a bottle of champagne and had a loooong talk. And guess what she got me for my present? Remember the post in which I was telling you about jewelry I like? She gifted me with the bracelet I really wished for! That was such a nice present. I couldn't stop crying, I can't help it but I love surprises :)