May 23, 2012

Agent Provocateur

Fashionable Aska & her beautiful Gral

Finally I met with my friend Aska. We went for lunch today at Sushimama and I met her Gral for the first time, as he was born just short of a month and a half ago. What a cuttie pie :). We planed to meet for ages now, all together with our kids, but first mine were sick and then hers and so on. That is why I received two presents today, one for Christmas and one for my birthday! Yaay, one is Agent Provocateur panties, which of course you won't be seeing me wearing on the blog ;), but they are bright yellow, a great color for a summer's day, and the other a book Bringing home the Birkin, that is going to be "my companion" on the plane next week. More about that in a future post. xx

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