May 8, 2012

Package in the mail

For Isabela

For Aleksander

They also send you their cotton totes

photo from Smallable facebook

Another kids fashion online store I really like to shop at is Smallable. There you can find anything, from clothes to furniture and also great toys, that are not only great for play but also look good, which is important to me. I just can't stand plastic toys. I'd rather my kids have one really good quality one, than five plastic ones for the same amount of money. The great thing is, that if you register and become their member, you have access to private sales in the mid season, and you can save a lot of money. I am talking huge sales, not 10%.
I just got a package from them in the mail today, and this is what I chose for my two little angels. I love to unwrap packages :) For Isabela I got a skirt and a headband in mustard color, by the way I love this color, and for Aleksander two T-shirts. One from Finger in the nose (this name is so adorable and the label itself is so trendy and comfortable) and the other from Tuss, which is a scandinavian brand with a moto "less is more". I couldn't agree more. Tuss clothes are simple and practical, but still very sofisticated and stylish. Can't wait to throw everything in the washing machine and see my kids wearing it ;)

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