May 24, 2012


Yellow, yellow...:)
Yes, I eat :)

Model from London wearing the perfect tote :)

Toy Story's Cowboy Woody for Aleksander

Disney Store for Isabela
Vintage shopping in Soho

my first little turquoise box ;)

Always my favorite

Anela & me @ Cipriani

It's been hectic these days, as I am preparing to leave for NYC on Tuesday. Organizing all appointments, hotels & esta can be a pain sometimes. I already know I'm gonna miss my family a lot, but it has to be done :). It won't be too hard, with NYC beeing one of my favorite places in the world. Here are some pics from my last trip in February, when I went there to meet with all the major modeling agencies, to start working with them and to visit one of our models Anela. We really had a blast and I met so many great people, who helped me with my stay this time around, but about that some other time ;)

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