May 3, 2012


We went to the seaside yesterday. There was a small amusement park for kids there, and we couldn't drag the kids away even if we wanted to. I have to tell you I even enjoyed it myself and felt like a kiddy for a day! After a couple of hours we ended up in Kras again because their horse Bela came back home from training, where she was for almost a year, and we couldn't miss that. I even went for a short ride myself. Other than that, the animal family is expanding at Godnje, in one day we saw little kittens, puppies and bunnies. Pure love and... love is all we need! xx

- Helmut Lang Overlap shirt
- L`Agence tank top
- Stella McCartney jeans
- Schumacher silk jacket
- Barbara Bui gladiators
- Prada sunglasses
- Isabela custom made necklace
- Mawi black stone ring
- Maison Martin Margiela ring
- Tarina Tarantino skull bracelet
- Gas Bijoux skull bracelet
- Jeniffer Zeuner love bracelet


Mia Aleksandra said...

Maja, I think all designers dream of people like you are, to live fashion, to personalize every peace wearing at the moment..stunning outfit, uncomplicated, just perfect..sunglases suit you fabolous..

Maja Bulc Raspopovic said...

Thank you, Mia, for this lovely comment :)