Mar 31, 2012

Our Weekends

Weekends are reserved for family. A lot of time our destination point is Kras. This is where my hubby was born and my father in law has a gorgeous residence there. We live in the center, so most of the time I wanna run away on the weekends. I want my children to grow up with nature, to feel it. Is there anything more beautiful than spending your childhood with farm animals, watching cherry blossoms, run in the forest and drive around with tractor?! Trieste (Italy) is half an hour drive from there, so we usually finish the day with aperitivo and pizza. Spritz Aperol always tastes good there, so it did today! :)

- T by Alexander Wang neon sweater
- Current Elliot leopard jeans
- Lanvin sneakers
- Burberry trench coat
- Celine phantom luggage bag

Isabela wearing:
- Tuss T-shirt
- Acne jeans
- Missoni belt
- Nike sneakers
- Chloe coat

Aleksander wearing:
- Album di famiglia jacket
- Album di famiglia hoodie
- H&M jeans
- All Star sneakers

Mar 30, 2012

Planting Flowers

Isabela & her best friend Brina

Like every normal mum I adore my 2 little angels. Honestly from the day Isabela was born she completely changed my life. For the better. The children thought me a lot about life. That day I also realized I can't stand mobile phone ringing 24hours anymore. Thank God for Polona! She's the one who inherited my personal number and dealing with clients in the afternoon. So afternoons are reserved for my children and I have to say, all the people I'm working with completly respect that.
Yesterday we were at the preschool planting flowers with other children and their parents. Isabela is such an artist, she loves to draw. For being only 5 years old, she draws extraordinary. She was painting the flower pot with her fingers. After an hour that her and I spent together (My boy Aleksander was at home) we headed home. We had so much fun! Yes, I feel happy & blessed!

Isabela wearing: 
- Kid by Phillip Lim dress
- Zara leggings
- All Star sneakers
- Bellerose coat
- Talc flower hair pin

Mar 29, 2012

Diesel Event

Diesel invitation

Saso Radovic & me (photo by: Jan Jenko)

Andreja Japelj & me (polaroid made by Tomas from Diesel)

Bottle of Loverdose for the end :)

my girls Alma, Nadja, Tadeja, Ines & me
On Tuesday night I was at a Diesel event. It was something you don't see quite often here in Slovenia. Not surprising, considering it was done by my dear friend Saso Radovic, who really knows what he's doing. With the help of a group of Atelje Japelj scenographers it was an event to remember. There were three women DJs playing great music and dancing at the same time. And best comes at the end. My girls & boys! When I see them working it's always such a pleasure. I'm so proud and grateful I can do what I really like in my life. We are a great team. It's not that they are only good looking boys and girls, they are also great characters and that is what counts nowadays!
I think if you wanna be succesful, you have to love what you do, otherwise it doesn't make
sence. And that's just it: I love my job!
- top from Brasil
- Kova&T leather leggings
- By Malene Birger necklace
- rings bought in Soho NY
- fur vest from Soho NY
- Rick Owens leather jacket
- Ann Demeulemeester shoes
- Givenchy bag

Mar 28, 2012

The Beginning

What can I say? I finally caved in. My friends kept telling me I should blog, but I somehow didn't see myself in it. To be really honest with you I am not the best writer. Does it make it better if I admit it? ;)
Model.Agent.Mother.Fashion. is Maja. Fashion is something I love. You will find a lot of interesting things about models, modeling jobs, agencies, children and fashion style here.
I promise you won't regret following this blog :)

xoxo, M.
- T by Alexander Wang neon sweater
- Rick Owens coat
- Tiffany&Co. key necklace
- Ray-Ban sunglasses