Mar 31, 2012

Our Weekends

Weekends are reserved for family. A lot of time our destination point is Kras. This is where my hubby was born and my father in law has a gorgeous residence there. We live in the center, so most of the time I wanna run away on the weekends. I want my children to grow up with nature, to feel it. Is there anything more beautiful than spending your childhood with farm animals, watching cherry blossoms, run in the forest and drive around with tractor?! Trieste (Italy) is half an hour drive from there, so we usually finish the day with aperitivo and pizza. Spritz Aperol always tastes good there, so it did today! :)

- T by Alexander Wang neon sweater
- Current Elliot leopard jeans
- Lanvin sneakers
- Burberry trench coat
- Celine phantom luggage bag

Isabela wearing:
- Tuss T-shirt
- Acne jeans
- Missoni belt
- Nike sneakers
- Chloe coat

Aleksander wearing:
- Album di famiglia jacket
- Album di famiglia hoodie
- H&M jeans
- All Star sneakers

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