Mar 30, 2012

Planting Flowers

Isabela & her best friend Brina

Like every normal mum I adore my 2 little angels. Honestly from the day Isabela was born she completely changed my life. For the better. The children thought me a lot about life. That day I also realized I can't stand mobile phone ringing 24hours anymore. Thank God for Polona! She's the one who inherited my personal number and dealing with clients in the afternoon. So afternoons are reserved for my children and I have to say, all the people I'm working with completly respect that.
Yesterday we were at the preschool planting flowers with other children and their parents. Isabela is such an artist, she loves to draw. For being only 5 years old, she draws extraordinary. She was painting the flower pot with her fingers. After an hour that her and I spent together (My boy Aleksander was at home) we headed home. We had so much fun! Yes, I feel happy & blessed!

Isabela wearing: 
- Kid by Phillip Lim dress
- Zara leggings
- All Star sneakers
- Bellerose coat
- Talc flower hair pin

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