May 1, 2012

Album di Famiglia

One of my favorite children's clothing brands is Album di Famiglia. I discovered the brand when I was pregnant with Aleksander. There was nothing I really liked and then Album di Famiglia came my way. They have a style which is uniquely their own, it is simple but the clothes are made of highest quality materials and still practical and cozy. When I ask Aleksander what he wants to wear, he always chooses their cardigans. I can see how he feels comfortable in them. But for Kras I chose these ADF Thai pants which he usually doesn't want to wear during the week, cause he can't tie them on his own. For the weekends he doesn't mind cause I'm with him and I can help ;). I'll tell you more about where I usually buy children's clothes and what deals you can get in one of future posts. Stay tuned! xx

Aleksander wearing:
- Album di Famiglia pants
- Tuss T-shirt
- Loft Design By cardigan
- All Star sneakers


Gita said...

Kakšen frajerski angelček :) ...

Maja Bulc Raspopovic said...

Hvala, Gita! Moj soncek, ja :)