Jun 1, 2012

Running around

These last two days I haven't been doing nothing else than running around meetings, so I'm "glued" to my flats. I am geting up really early every morning, but I decided to go out for a dinner with friends anyways. I haven't gone out-out since we arrived and since my last visit in February. It's NY so let's have some fun! :)

- Wildfox T- shirt
- A.L.C. long skirt
- Barbara Bui sandals
- Celine Phantom luggage bag
- Ray-Bun sunnies
- necklace from Soho
- Monica Vinader bracelet
- Shash neon nugget bracelet


Mia Aleksandra said...

Dolga krila ti zelo lepo pristajajo, poudarijo visoko in vitko telo..res vsecno..
Kaj pa uhani? Tiffany?
Uzivaj brezmejno :))

Maja Raspopovic said...

Hvala, Mia! Vidis, to sem pa pozabila :) Tudi uhani iz Soha, so bili komplet z verizico. Lp