Apr 26, 2012

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming, oh yeah ;) Here is my semi-unrealistic wishlist, or how can I say... things I can't buy, but it's good to dream right? What would we do if we didn't have dreams ;) T-shirts are a must every season for me, I like to wear the ones with prints, accompanied with jean shorts, so I can run after my kids and play with them on the beach. This Marcus Lupfer would be just perfect. The Row sunglasses are totally sold out, but I can't get them out of my head. When I saw them on the internet, I said to myself I'll wait it out and think it over and than it was too late. I always need time to sleep on it with things I wanna buy. I'm not an impulse buyer, who has stuff in their closet and doesn't even wear it once. It doesn't happen to me. I have to think if I have something to match at home, or I need the whole new outfit if I buy a new piece. Another great thing is they sell Hermes watches in Slovenia now. And what do you think about Enza Costa pleated skirt? I own a black similar one from another designer and wear it a lot. Just love the fluttering feeling around my body. Red is usually not my colour, but I wouldn't mind this piece ;)

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