Apr 5, 2012

Fashion Week #3

Ines@Nina Susnjara

Barbara & Nina Susnjara

Naja@Marjeta Groselj

Barbara@Marjeta Groselj

Ines@Natasa Persuh
great minds think alike ;) what I wore on afternoon's post

Last day of FW was just awsome. So many nice creations that didn't leave a fashion lover like me cold. My favorite Slovenian designer Nina Susnjara of cource didn't disappoint. Brown leather jacket with studs, pastel pink dress, color block shirt... at least 3 pieces I would like to have. Groselj bags were extraordinary, they were shown with last year's collection from Zoran Garevski and Natasa Persuh, and I really loved the clothes. Natasa Persuh's collection was gorgeous. It had a touch of Celine and I'm a huge fan of Celine.

I have to say Phillips fashion week was so much more than expected. I have to praise the organizers Adria Media, congratulations. And Den, Mimi & Uros, you are a great team! Can't wait for the next one!

xx, M.

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