Apr 4, 2012

Fashion Week #2

American Express chocolate tasted good!

I liked the countdown from 60 seconds down to 0 in-between shows. 5 is my lucky number :)

Ines looking gorgeous @M. Faganel show

Ines @Maja Stamol

Anela@Maja Stamol

It was a great day yesterday. My mum was babysitting my two little angels, so I had some more time. Thank you mum, you're great! My friend, Martina Vrhovnik, picked me up with a taxi and we went together for the first part of fashion shows. We had time for couple sips of champagne and some small talk. It's always great fun with her!

M. Faganel, Sanja Grcic and Aleksandra Brlan, those are 3 designers I would like to highlight. I would own Faganel burgundy leather skirt mmmmmm and would have at least 3 pieces from Aleksandra Brlan's collection for my everyday looks. But it is somehow expected from them to be great. Sorry guys ;)

The one who really surprised me was Maja Stamol. I mean uauuuuuu, something I didn't expect from her. I would wear almost everthing!

It's the last day today and my favourite slovenian designer is having a show, but more about that tomorrow. Follow the blog to see what I chose to wear yesterday.

xx, M.

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