Jul 6, 2012

Let It Rain...

It's so humid in Ljubljana these days. I've been back in the office for the last two days, it's quite slow, but always something to do. Yesterday I was completely drenched, especially my feet and my beautiful leather gladiators :( so today I decided to wear these plastic ballerinas and it can rain as much as it wants :) Have a beautiful day everyone! xx

- Chloe top
- Zara skinny jeans
- Kartell Ballerinas
- Victoria Beckham sunnies
- Vintage Flower ring from Vintage shop in Ibiza
- DIY Neon pacifier bracelet
- Custom made necklaces


Anonymous said...

Dober blog, dobre kavbojke... kar presenecena, da so Zara? Po fotki sodec bi rekla, da so kaj drugega:) Keep on the good work, Anja

Maja Bulc Raspopovic said...

:) Thx, Anja!