Jul 19, 2012

Forest Green

Do you remember my Summer Wishlist? I did something similar today. Well it's not really a wishlist more a selection of some pieces I like and wanna share with you. Last few weeks I have been looking at the new collections and it's all about forest green and burgundy red this fall. I have to tell you that in three weeks my choice would probably be completely different, and that is also the reason why I like to take my time with things I buy and sleep over it.
I love Schourouk jewelry, a brand I discovered just recently. And Victoria Beckham is only getting better and better. I think she has really proven herself in the fashion world. Not everybody had confidence in her, but she did and I respect all her will and courage. I also love to wear Alexander Wang and Rick Owens for everyday. I usually invest in basic pieces like T- shirts and leather jackets. Some years ago I wanted to only buy Lanvin all the time, but now I've grown out of it, though I still wouldn't mind this coat (it doesn't really show on the screen but it's in a deep green color). I just think the price is so exaggerated!
Enjoy! xx


Jasmina said...

Love the coat (not sure about the price though :-) )

Maja Bulc Raspopovic said...

Agree :)