Jun 27, 2012

Vintage Finds

my new gold sequin dress

As I already told you I was at Nostalgic Saturday event with Little Elephant. There weren't that many people there as expected, because Monday was a national holiday in Slovenia so most of them left the city for a long weekend. But we had fun anyway. The most exiting news is that I found this gold vintage dress and I paid 20€ for it. Yes, that's right, exactly 20€. I would match the dress with these thongs.
You won't see me at Nostalgic Saturday in July as I'm going to be on holidays with my family, but see you at the end of August when you can already shop for autumn and winter cardigans and jackets. Enjoy your summer! xx

- By Malene Birger dress
- Olivia Morris Gold flats
- Prada Bag
- Prada Car sunglasses
- Necklace from Soho NY 
- Mix of bracelets from previous posts

1 comment:

Miss M said...

Love the dress! You need to be model height and build though to wear it... i wouldn't unfortunately look quite the same in it ;-)