Aug 28, 2013

ETSI wear

Dear readers, I hope your summer was fun! :) I had a really good time this year, super relaxed summer with my two little sunshines and my friends. But now work is calling and I'm already busy in the office placing girls all around. But like I always say, if you love your job, you are on holidays all the time :)
I wanted to introduce you to ETSI wear, they offer casual cotton dresses, some of them matching for you and your little girl (if you have one:). Their moto is everything simple and I would agree. I love cotton textile, it's easy to wear and wash, and so does my girl.
Enjoy your last days of the summer! Till next time much love! xoxo, Maja


Isabela wearing:

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Evelina said...

Čudoviti sta in kakšni laski (: