Mar 17, 2013

Viktorji 2012

with my friend Metka
I attended the Viktorji event yesterday night, it was actually my first time. Some say it's kind of a slovenian version of oscars (only it's for entertainment business in general). But I couldn't agree less, anyway I look at it. I would be happy to praise at least one evening dress or anything else, but it's going to be hard this time. If you follow me on my facebook page you know I'm quite a positive person, but I'm afraid I really can't find a thing that overwhelmed me, except the company I was with.
I mean there's nothing wrong with cvicek (type of slovenian wine), I like it sometimes but maybe for a sunday lunch with fried chicken and potatoes. But for an event like this?! Not quite sure :) Anyway, I decided to wear one of my favorite slovenian designers Nina Susnjara, my friend Ljubinka did my make up and I had a great time with Metka. It was a long night and one to remember :)

- Nina Susnjara dress
- Christian Louboutin Bow satin sandals
- Chanel bag (thanx my dear Ana :))
- Erickson Beamon earrings


Tina said...

Love your blog! O outfitih na viktorjih, razen nekaj svetlih izjem, pa ne bi izgubljala besed..

Maja Bulc Raspopovic said...

Hvala, Tina!