Mar 29, 2013

One Year

It has been exactly one year since I decided to write a blog. Do you remember my first post?!  A couple of days ago I finally got an illustration for my blog thanx to Jaro. Unplanned present for one year anniversary :)
It's a real pleasure for me that somebody finds inspiration here. If it's at least one person, I'm happy. A lot of people told me they found a lot of casual every day pieces also at reasonable prices thanks to my blog. And this is what counts. Sure there are also negative responds as they'll always be, but if you already follow me on facebook, you know my way of thinking is positive :) Those are just telling me I'm on the right track... Thanx for following!! Much love xoxo

- T by Alexander Wang neon sweater
- Rick Owens coat
- Tiffany&Co. key necklace


Unknown said...

Maja, super si! :D Te spremljam že dolgo (ampak nisem vedela, da je že eno leto :O), in potihem upam, da bom, "ko bom velika", vsaj pibližno tako stylish :) Upam, da bomo lahko še dolgo brali tale blog! Lp, Lara

Maja Bulc Raspopovic said...

Hvala lepa, Lara! :) Lp, Maja