Aug 30, 2012

Simple & Clean

When I'm in a hurry in the mornings (like most of the time ;)) this is how my outfit looks like. No time for exaturated combinations, jewellery, I just jump in the first pair of jeans I can find and I'm off to the office. I like to invest in everyday pieces, because I wear those looks most of the time. A must through the day is also a big bag where I carry all I need and also what I really don't. But that's the way I am :) It's still warm, but in the mornings it's quite fresh, so I decided to put on my thicker cotton cardigan, which I bought three years ago but it's still one of my favorite pieces.

- Jimmy Choo sandals
- Les Petites cardigan
- Celine Phantom luggage bag


Jelena said...

Upravo sam otkrila blog i odusevljena sam! Amazing :)

Maja Raspopovic said...

Thank you, Jelena! :)

Anialysis Ania Polanec said...

Maja, ves kaj mi je pri tebi najbolj vsec - to da si ne gomilas stvari ampak da jih preudarno kupis in potem res izkoristis... znas biti trendna tudi z "starimi" nakupi in znas nam pricarati razlicne stile z istim kosom oblacila! Kapo dol!

P.s. Tvoje kolumne so fantasticne!

Xo, A.

Maja Raspopovic said...

Popolnoma resnično, stvari res kupujem preudarno in jih potem nosim leta in leta. Me veseli, da so ti kolumne všeč :) xoxo